Karaoke, Pub Crawl, La Porchetta Pollo Bar, and Burgers

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The weekend extends from Thursday night to Sunday in which time we have tried to harness as much fun and food as we can before classes start again. Finding motivation to do schoolwork has been hard, since a whole world of excitement is literally right out the front door, but I’m getting into the swing of things. Slowly.

Thursday night, we went back to the Walkabout for karaoke, which happens every Thursday night. I got a half yard of Woo Woo and watched a very enthusiastic Asian man belt Katy Perry as if his life depended on it. A bunch of Regent’s people did karaoke as well. I opted not to. I get wifi at the Walkabout, and I felt my phone buzz during one of the songs. A friend from UNH texted me saying she loved my article on Thought Catalog! I didn’t even know they accepted my submission! I submitted an article to them about three weeks ago, and an editor emailed me saying it was one of the funniest articles he had read in a while. Made my night.

The following Friday, we slept WAY in. That night we went on the Camden pub crawl. Tickets were not too expensive, and each bar offered us a free shot, as well as discounted drinks. The shots were pretty awful. It was usually a choice of tequila or Sambuca (black licorice flavored liquor), and they didn’t give us limes for the tequila. Some places gave us lemon slices, but it didn’t really help. Tequila tastes like gasoline. I’m pretty sure you can take nail polish off with that nonsense. The pub crawl ended at the last pub we went to, which looked like a converted barn. One of the girls had a shoe crisis, and her feet felt like “hell.” I carried her on my back to the Tube, and we never got to Coco – the final destination (nightclub). I honestly wasn’t that upset about it. Coco wasn’t offering us any free drinks, anyway, and I had peanut butter and bananas waiting for me in my room back home. We got back and discovered that a bunch of people had taken either taxis or buses to get home, so we were last. We got into pj’s, ate organic peanut butter, and played Sporcle. It was a better way to end the night, anyway.

The next day was Saturday. We went on a long walk around the park and watched some rugby and football games happening and stalked some puppies. It was incredibly windy and my ear started popping. We walked through a rose garden, which was really cool and we saw a couple taking WEDDING PICTURES. It was so cute, I almost threw up. I’ll probably get married in Regent’s Park, just a heads up.

The Refectory is closed on Saturday nights, so we have to get food elsewhere. I found a four-and-a-half star Italian place called La Porchetta Pollo Bar on Yelp with one pound sign (£) and we took a bus there. It was all the way in Leicester Square, so about a ten minute bus ride. WORTH IT. Some of the best Italian food I have ever had, and pretty much every entree is under £7.50. I got an amazing, mind blowing gnocchi dish, and Jess got a broccoli and sausage pizza. We split both, and literally scraped our plates clean. We all sampled eachothers’ food. I had a glass of the house white wine for £2.40. Worth every penny. We vowed to make it our go-to Saturday spot. We made a reservation for ten, and they set us up a table downstairs. Thank God we did, because by 7:45, it was totally packed. London has good food, if you can believe it.

That night we stayed in and watched a chick flick. The following Sunday, we ended up at Tommi’s Burger Joint in Marylebone. I don’t even know how that happened, but I need to eat salad for the rest of the week. Amaaaaazing burgers at reasonable prices. It’s deadly, and it’s within easy walking distance of campus. Pray for me.

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