The 21 Facebook Friends On Every College Student’s Newsfeed

A wonderful start to a wonderful weekend.

Thought Catalog

Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend anyone at all. I have been guilty of falling under several of these categories at one time or another. It’s good to laugh at ourselves once and a while.


1. The Girl Who Has a New Boyfriend Every Two Weeks

This girl is “so done” with guys for each 24-hour break between relationships. She picks up a new boyfriend remarkably soon after being through with her previous two-week relationship. It takes about three days after updating her new relationship status, to say “I love you, babe.” to her new significant other. The L Word gets tossed around casually and frequently.

2. The Person who is Constantly Traveling, Particularly in Europe

This person has several albums of photos mainly of scenery, landscapes, and architecture. Often, the person is in the photos wearing an infinity scarf or beret, posing with other trendy-looking friends in front…

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