Camden, Brewmasters, and Late Night Chinese

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Two nights ago, I went to a sports bar just off campus for girly drinks. I got a cosmopolitan, Tiffany got a pina colada, and Emily got a woo woo. It was small and cute, and they didn’t even ask for I.D.! What is that? I come all the way here, psyched that I can drink and then they don’t even want proof! Rude.

The next day, we got up pretty late and eight or so of us ventured over to Camden. It’s about a twenty minute walk through the park and over a river. It was beautiful and we didn’t get rained on! Camden was pretty interesting. There were lots of booths with vendors selling clothes, already at really cheap prices, but they would offer to sell it cheaper if you said you didn’t have enough money on you. Camden is one of those places where you feel good about having a cross-body bag with a zipper, but once you get over some of the initial sketchiness, it’s tons of fun, and probably the best place to get good shopping deals in London. I bought a blue and white dress for ten pounds and Jess bought a green one for the same price.

After Camden, we went to a place in Marylebone called Nando’s. It’s a Portugese chicken place that serves butterfly chicken with a bunch of different sauces, spicy rice, minted peas, mashed potatoes, and just all kinds of good food in general. It was the most I had eaten in one sitting since I arrived in London.

Then we decided to go pubbing. Three different groups of people from Regent’s all ended up combining and we took the Tube to Picadilly to a place called O’Neill’s. Our Hall Director recommended we go to a place in Camden if we wanted to drink cheaply, because he said O’Neill’s would almost certainly have a cover charge just to get in – and he was absolutely right. So, the group split, and I went with six other people, four of whom I didn’t know, to a smaller pub down the street  at Leicester square called Brewmaster’s, with no cover charge. I got a pint of Aspall Cyder from the draft and it was delicious. We drank them outside on a table in a cute little alley, then decided to go to Chinatown for food.

On the way to Chinatown, the boy we were with discovered a gay bar with live music. Four of us, including myself, broke off and went into a little Chinese joint a few doors down for late night food. The rest followed him into the gay bar, where we were later informed that the (male) bartenders were all shirtless. Oh, London.

We got a bunch of amazing dumplings and egg fried rice and chowed down for a little while, then paid a ridiculously cheap tab. We met the rest of our group outside the gay bar shortly after and were dismayed to learn that the pubs stop serving drinks at 12 for the most part. After midnight, people generally go to nightclubs. We couldn’t find a nightclub that we really wanted to go to, so we wandered around Leicester square in search of transportation home. We ended up on the appropriate bus, but we missed our stop and had to go through the park for about a mile until we found Regent’s. I was the nerd with the map who got us safely home. All in all, a fantastic night. I met a bunch of SUNY kids, and we exchanged numbers. We all plan to hang out again another time, hopefully in Camden. That place was my favorite.

Below, I put the link to a song that was stuck in my head the entire time we were in Leicester Square. It mentions Leicester Square in one of the lyrics, so it’s fitting enough for this post.

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