Primark, Boots, London Scavenger Hunt, and Alcohol

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We made our way down Oxford Street Yesterday morning after a loooong assembly conducted by this ADORABLE English woman named Sophie. She is probably in her seventies and she talks like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and The Beast. Today she is wearing a flowy shirt with penguins on it, so she’s pretty much perfect.

We (myself, Jess, our roommate Michaela, and a girl from Pittsburgh, Mia) found Primark, which is like a cross between H&M, Home Goods, and Target. It’s huge and incredible. You could spend hours in there and not get bored at all. The prices are also very reasonable. I got a massive fluffy towel for six pounds and a flat sheet for five. We are going to go back and do clothes shopping, possible this afternoon, but it will honestly take a couple of days to navigate the whole store. I cannot say enough good things about Primark.

After Primark we went across the street to Boots, which is like a classier version of Rite Aid. I bought cleaner, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a waterproof shower bag. I also got a straightening iron for 20 pounds, which I am sharing with a few other people. American straightening irons will blow a fuse if you try to use them with adaptors on British plugs. Who knew? I also got a little primitive cell phone. I still have not memorized my new phone number, but I do know it starts with a zero. Very strange. Jess and I also geeked out at a bookstore that is located dangerously close to campus. It looked like something out of Harry Potter, like the bookshop at Diagon Alley.

We brought all our new stuff back to the room and headed back out for Trafalgar Square, where we met up with our group for a London Scavenger hunt. We managed to figure out the Tube, but it took longer than anticipated, so we ended up going on the scavenger hunt with a later group. They broke us off into smaller groups of six. I did not know anyone in my group but everyone ended up being really cool. Two of them are from Missouri. I swear, if you aren’t from New Hampshire here, there is a 99 percent chance you are from Missouri.

We walked EVERYWHERE. We saw Big Ben, the London Eye, The British Museum (from the outside) and Covent Gardens. We had to answer questions, take a picture with a cop, a horse, and a phone booth, among other things. The scavenger hunt ended at a pub that was incredibly hard to find. We ended up eating dinner there. Jess ordered a kangaroo burger and I’m a little traumatized. The Brits are very lax about alcohol from what I have experienced so far. They didn’t even card us when we got drinks, and we ordered a “fishbowl” of something fruity, and a pitcher of something else of the fruity variety. We managed to get back on the tube, which is starting to make more sense now. It is more complicated than the T, but London is a much larger city.

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