Flight, Arrival, and Sob Story

The flight took off from Logan at 5:55 PM, precisely. I hate taking off. My ears pop and it feels weird and unnatural. Not my cup of tea. (I’m hilarious.)

The flight attended noticed my death grip on Jess’s hand and asked if I was okay. When I said yes, I’ll be fine as soon as we stop ascending, she carried on with checking seat belts. THEN LATER, God bless her, she came back with actually delicious broccoli macaroni and cheese.

“Would you like some wine with that, dear?”


So, my first legal drink was a mini bottle of some spanish white wine, which was chugged swiftly at a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. Twenty minutes later, I passed out with my feet up on the empty middle seat, being lulled to sleep by the sounds of Gloria shrieking at Jay in “Modern Family”. The flight was pretty much perfect.

We landed early and got through customs without any problems and grabbed our suitcases at baggage claim. We dragged our enormous bags onto the Heathrow Express, then the Heathrow Connect, and ended up in Paddington Station in search of a cab. The cabbie was super nice, super British, and totally tolerant of our squeals coming from the backseat as we commented on how strange it is to be driving on the “wrong” side of the road.

We were dropped off in front of a building we didn’t recognize and we had to push our suitcases through cobblestone and puddles to get to Reid Hall. Eventually we made it and we got our room keys. We are up about ten flights of stairs in a building with no elevator, and SURPRISE! We got a triple. So, who would our mysterious third roommate be?

She didn’t show up until about 2 in the afternoon, but when she did, Jess was pleasantly surprised that she hailed from Rhode Island. She also shares a major with me, and started off her studies at UNH. So many coincidences.

Today was a big information day. Jess and I squeezed in a three hour nap which kept both of us alive. The beds are not impressive, and we only get a fitted sheet – no flat sheet! They do things differently here in the UK. I managed a shower, but was unimpressed by those too. The doors are translucent glass and they are prone to flooding. The bathroom itself is very nice. There is no reason why the showers have to be so bad, but I’m going to get a huge towel and a shower caddy tomorrow, so hopefully that will help the cause. I also realized I forgot my laundry bag, which I need to purchase at Primark tomorrow. I’m going with a couple people I met today that we were grouped with for a scavenger hunt. We ended up doing the hunt on the internet in this girl’s room and just getting to know each other. This kid from Missouri told us about something his sister did, which led us to ask about her. Turned out she died a year ago of Adrenal Gland Cancer at 14. He wears a dog tag with the last thing he ever said to her, engraved into it. The six of us got about as close as you can get in a two hour window. I cried on the floor of the room, partially from exhaustion, but mostly from the story. I’ve been awake for far too many hours, and that was the tipping point on my mental exhaustion.

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One thought on “Flight, Arrival, and Sob Story

  1. Jen

    Glad to hear you arrived safely! Sounds like quite an adventure to get to your dorm. Sorry about all of the stairs but you’re young so suck it up. 🙂

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