Hipster Level: 10,000

It’s incredibly expected of liberal arts students to throw together a WordPress blog documenting their experiences abroad. It’s pretty much guaranteed that 99% of the time, said students are studying in Europe. I am very typical in this respect. Hopefully, however, whomsoever is reading this will get something out of it. I’m not going for “show-offy” or “hipster” with this blog. Place me in a category if you will, but I like the layout far better than Facebook albums because it allows for more room to write, and prettier formats. As half an English major, I need room to write.

If this blog inspires my readers to travel, than I’ve done something positive. As of now, I am twenty years old and I have yet to see Canada, or any country that isn’t America the Beautiful. I’ve been enjoying the safe confines of the University of New Hampshire, but it’s time to move on to greener (grayer? rainier?) pastures. Or cities. For a semester.

Saying goodbye to Breaking New Grounds and Crack Shack have been hard, but leaving my friends at school have been harder. Luckily, I have my blonde, walking J. Crew advertisement and partner in crime, Pawtucket’s only Jessica Treanor. In fifteen days, we will be boarding an Iberia plane at Logan International Airport in Boston and taking off over the pond for Heathrow Airport in London. If we make it to our dorm at Regent’s College from there, it will be a miracle.

Until that fateful day, January 14th, 2014…Cheerio! I might write a little post on the plane to kill some time. You have so much to look forward to.

I’m utterly chuffed to bits.

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